The Tall Ships of San Diego

San Diego has a rich maritime history and we have wasted no time acquainting ourselves with it. 

We stopped off at the Maritime Museum with my sister in the second week of November. Conor practiced his line of sight navigation

Conor aboard the Star of India

And I worked on hoisting the sails

Lanea raising the sails on the Star of India

We visited the oldest active sailing ship, Star of India, H.M.S. Surprise (which was in film Master and Commander), and a Soviet submarine.

The submarine made me so thankful that we have chosen a sailboat and NOT a submarine as our mode of travel!

B-39 Soviet Submarine

On November 13th we went out for a sail with our friends, Jordan and Brett and saw both the Star of India and the H.M.S. Surprise under sail. Magnificent!

H.M.S. Surprise under sail

Here is a video of the boats sailing by us.

Thank you for visiting Jordan and Brett and helping us try out our BBQ! :)