No seatbelts required. The seats for this TAXI are in the bed of a red pickup truck.

Off to a bullfight! Although this is not bullfight season, Mazatlan always holds a bullfight during Carnaval. This is said to be the Super Bowl of bullfights. We were to see Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza from Spain face off against Gaston Santos from Mexico.

Hey, you can't park here!


The stadium was full to the brim but not everyone in Mexico likes the idea of a bullfight

Not everyone agrees with bullfights. They can be hard to watch. In fact we arrived with a group of ten but only five of us stayed until the end.

Santa likes bullfights... and Pacifico!


The women received red carnations to throw at our favorite picador.

.Pablo got my red carnation!

Candy... Peanuts...Cigars...


The event was 3+ hours long and these guys never took a break!

It seems like every single event here has live music. Love it!

Picadores. Gaston Santos (Mexico) is in white. Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza (Spain) is in blue.

Each man has the opportunity to face off against two separate bulls. Pablo has the first and third bull and Gaston gets the second and last bull. The bulls were between 400- 500lbs!

As the bullfighter remains on a horse for this match, he is called a picador. Each picador must maintain a solid relationship with his horses (they each use 2-3 horses per fight) but also must be able to accurately anticipate the bull’s next move. The horses do not wear armor.

Excite the bull

The bulls are bred to fight and bred to be angry.

Tire the bull

Each picador rides on his horse and strategically plunges a series of barbed red and white sticks into the bull’s flanks. This is intended to weaken the neck and shoulder muscles. The whole time the bull is taunted to charge at the horse several times to tire the large animal.

Aye Aye Aye!

Before the final slaying, a group of bull wrestlers enter the ring. They stand in a single file line and the first man in line taunts the bull. Once the bull charges he grabs the horns and the men behind him all pile up on the bull. The last guy grabs the bulls tail. They need to do this 1-3 times per bull. The first guy in line wears a metal plate in his red sash to prevent injury. Still, the ambulance lights were on after the bullfight.

Here is the video I took of one of the bull wrestlers getting attacked by a bull!


Celebratory drinks thrown from the crowd

Although the crowd enjoys the fight, they appreciate the brevity as well. Bulls should not be made to suffer for longer than necessary. Points are awarded for accuracy. Two ears is a good score. Two ears and a tail is the best score.

We were told that the meat is donated to local orphanages.